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    Uncommon Crossroads

    Arizona Americana Folk Rock


    Uncommon Crossroads is an original Americana country rock band, creating original music since 2022.

    Based in Tucson, Arizona, the band features the singing and songwriting of Maree Montagnini. Her sound is inspired by the Appalachian, American roots music of her home state, Ohio, as well as outlaw country and southern rock influences.

    Michael Tarquin on percussion brings a dynamic, unique, creative interpretation of the music.

    Maree and Michael have been performing together since the band's inception and are frequently joined by talented guest lead guitarists and bass players. They've performed throughout the southwest and are currently expanding their tour lineup to new cities and venues.

    The band released its first album in the summer of 2023. Hills and Highways highlights the group's country, rock, and folk sound. Their popular country single, What If We, is growing in popularity among fans of new-old country music. Dark Side features the indie folk inspired solo performance of Maree.

    What to expect during a show? A one of a kind, high energy, dynamic performance of familiar music set to the group's creative interpretation.

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    Maree Montagnini, songwriter, lead vocals, guitar

    Maree Montagnini is the songwriter and singer for the group. And it's her dream come to life. She hails from southeastern Ohio, essentially Appalachia... which explains the bluegrass and folk influences in her writing and singing. From there, she discovered the folk singers of the 1960s and will always have a special place in her heart for Peter Paul and Mary, Simon & Garfunkel, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, just to name a few. She's lived all over the country, from Michigan, to Florida, to New Mexico, Philadelphia, and now Arizona. Hugely influenced by Gillian Welch, Emmylou Harris, First Aid Kit, Green Day, Social Distortion, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Johnny Cash, Steve Earle, John Prine, the Black Keys and probably too many others to name. When she isn't working on new songs, she's probably hanging out with her five kids!

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    Michael Tarquin, percussion

    Michael Tarquin joined the band in the Spring of 2022. He is a veteran, business owner, and future Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame Musician. You can find him around Tucson with friends and family or working security at night clubs. You’ll hear him drumming for the whole neighborhood to hear, you can spot him on the golf course or spending time with loved ones in Arizona’s beautiful desert outdoors or enjoying live music. Michael carries with him many strong music influences from pop punk, classic rock and modern hip hop music. His drumming is heavily influenced by Travis Barker, Neil Peart, Tommy Lee, and Matt Greiner. While he prides himself on speed and intricacy, maintaining groovy pocket beats is a valuable core to his drumming roots. In his 10 years of self-taught playing and growth, Michael played in multiple church groups and theaters across the country while being an active duty Marine.

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    Bryan Russell-Lowe, lead guitar

    Bryan Russell-Lowe is the newest member of Uncommon Crossroads. He grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts where he first picked up the guitar as a hard rock loving 8th grader. He continued studying the instrument throughout his time at Bridgewater State University where he played in the school jazz band. Since then, he has played in a variety of musical groups from Boston to Syracuse to Tucson. Included are a pop rock cover band, an alt-rock band, a funk-folk jam band, a house band at a local Tucson open mic, and a group of old high school friends whose inability to find a front-man forced Bryan to learn how to sing. Since then, Bryan has delved into the wide world of Americana music in the Tucson local scene, having most recently performed in the country/blues band The Steel Sahuaros and sung and played guitar for the vocal harmony folk trio Third Time’s A Charm.

    Special thanks for the great photographers and videographers who've worked with us - Montigue Eaton, www.montigue.com; Greg Pyros; Pascal Quintero, WinsomePortraits, Phil Kelly @casualnomad, Ameira Al-Rudan, Duncan Still www.awritersroomrecording.com, Rex Scofield, Ricardo Canez (Amazingness After Dark), Greg Pyros, and Bryce J. Rogers - YouTube

  • Music

     Live Band

    Live at Sky Bar, Tucson


    Produced by Bryce J. Rogers

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    Hills and Highways, streaming everywhere

    What If We

    single by Maree Montagnini, featuring Bryce J. Rogers and Uncommon Crossroads

    Dark Side

    Single by Maree Montagnini

  • Shows

    Past Shows... Thank you to all the great venues who've supported us!


    Roosters, Phoenix AZ

    Hotel McCoy, Tucson, AZ

    Lion's Den, Pinetop, AZ

    Coronado Vineyards, Wilcox AZ

    Rhythm Room, Phoenix AZ

    Banditos, Rocky Point, Mex

    Yucca Tap Room, Mesa AZ

    Bisbee Saturday Market

    Bisbee Social Club, AZ

    Corbett Brewing, Tucson, AZ

    Pho Cao, Phoenix, AZ

    St. Elmo's Bar, Bisbee AZ

    The Bisbee Grand Hotel, Bisbee, AZ

    The Landing, Tucson AZ

    Sky Bar, Tucson AZ

    Tubac Jack's, Tubac AZ

    Harbottle Brewing, Tucson AZ

    Chicago Bar, Tucson AZ

    Borderlands Brewing, Tucson AZ

    Rockabilly Grill, Tucson AZ

    Edge Bar, Tucson AZ

    Arizona Hops and Vines, Sonoita, AZ

    Thunder Canyon Brewery, Tucson AZ

    Jackrabbit Lounge, Tucson AZ

    The Gardens at Bear Canyon, Tucson AZ

    Firetruck Brewing, Tucson AZ

    High Five Grill, Marana AZ

    Button Brewing, Marana AZ

    Crooked Tooth Brewing, Tucson AZ

    Catalina Brewing, Marana, AZ

    Abe's Old Tumacaori Bar, Tumacaori, AZ

    Mescal's Bar and Grill, Benson AZ

    St. Charles Tavern, South Tucson AZ

    Pima County Fair

    House of Bards, Tucson AZ

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